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Early Childhood Programs at Friends' CentralWhen you submit this form, you'll receive a free brochure titled "Early Childhood Programs at Friends' Central." In it, you'll find information about our Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten programs, including:

  • The role of guided play in our early childhood programs
  • Details about our curriculum, including the "Specials" offered to our youngest learners: Spanish, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Science
  • Examples of what a typical day looks like in Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten
  • How our early childhood programs fit into our broader mission to cultivate the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical promise of our students

You will also receive a follow-up email containing details about opportunities to see Friends' Central in person, from attending one of our upcoming admission events to scheduling your visit.

About Friends' Central Lower School

Friends' Central's Lower School campus is located on 18 idyllic, rolling acres on Old Gulph Road in the heart of Wynnewood. Complete with an extensive organic farm, chickens, playgrounds, fields, trees, ponds, and a bird blind, nature is as much a part of our classroom as the facilities themselves. 

For over 170 years, Friends’ Central educators have celebrated the connection between mind, body, spirit, and the natural world. The time and freedom our Nursery through grade 5 students are given to connect to one another and to the world around them are profoundly important to their well-being. Whether inventing their own games, working in the garden, catching tadpoles, or listening to bird calls in the woods, Friends’ Central Lower School students are soaking in the joys and benefits of time in nature.

As they are playing and learning indoors and out, our students are also developing the cognitive, physical, and psychological skills they will need to succeed in our challenging academic environment. 


Since September 2016, Friends' Central has been implementing a Lower School initiative called Lettuce Feed You, an innovative food program designed to inspire children to work toward a healthier, more sustainable world by teaching them how to source, produce, and prefer delicious, planet-friendly foods. The program features:

  • Delicious, fresh-from-scratch, sustainable foods. Prepared in-house by expert chef Wadiya Gooden, who places an emphasis on local and organic ingredients
  • Expertise feeding picky eaters and those with allergies, gluten sensitivity, or other dietary needs
  • A link between farm, garden, and table. The Friends’ Central lunch table is supplied overwhelmingly by local farms—including the expansive organic garden at FCS
  • Food that connects to the curriculum, especially as it relates to other cultures
  • Opportunities to participate in safe, age-appropriate ways





What FCS Parents are Saying

"I love the balance teachers in all divisions hold between being nurturing and doing real academic preparation. FCS is an intellectual and loving community."

"It is the rule rather than the exception that the adults at FCS go the extra mile for students."

"The teachers are the most incredible educators. I have children in other schools, and there is just no comparison!"

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